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Manage Projects Successfully

Juggling all the tasks and resources you need to make a project run smoothly can seem like an onerous task - from engaging with stakeholders and scoping out the full specification of the project, through to keeping a rein on costs and sticking to schedules. Manage Projects Successfully offers calm and practical advice to help you with setting priorities, communicating with others, monitoring progress and dealing with unexpected events.

Practical, easy to read and jargon-free, the book contains a quiz to assess strengths and weaknesses, step-by-step guidance and action points, top tips to bear in mind for the future, common mistakes and advice on how to avoid them, and summaries of key points.

Manage Projects Successfully

  • Bloomsbury Business

    A guide to the essential skills of project management, enabling you to bring in projects on time and within budget.

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    Indonesian; Vietnamese
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    Imprint: Bloomsbury Business
    Publication Date: 18-02-2022
    Format: 178 x 111mm
    96 pages

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