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Rock and Roll Vs. Modern Life

No Boomer-esque celebration of the "music that defined an era," Rock and Roll vs. Modern Life is instead a deeply critical analysis of rock and roll as a chaotic, caterwauling project to upend the foundational presumptions of postwar values. What we have here is the closest thing yet to a unified field theory of rock and roll. In seminal performances, films, and recordings, Iggy Pop, James Brown, Patti Smith, the Last Poets, and the Sex Pistols disrupt the implicit ontologies of modernism and late-stage capitalism. With its comrades, conceptual art, Black power, and poststructuralism, rock and roll strips back the linoleum surface of modern life to reveal a feral sensibility unwilling to be boxed up for clean consumption.

Rock and Roll Vs. Modern Life

  • Seth Kim-Cohen

    Argues that rock and roll was one of the main catalysts in radical postwar social change, rather than the result of it
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    Imprint: Bloomsbury Academic
    Publication Date: 13-07-2023
    Format: Paperback | 6 x 9 | 224 pages
  • About the Author

    Seth Kim-Cohen is Professor of Art History, Theory and Criticism at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA. He is the author of Against Ambience and Other Essays (Bloomsbury, 2013), In the Blink of an Ear: Toward A Non-Cochlear Sonic Art (Bloomsbury, 2009), and One Reason to Live: Conversations About Music (2006). With his bands (names_of_music, The Fire Show, Number One Cup), he has released more than a dozen albums and performed throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. John Peel once bought him a beer.

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