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Introduction to Graphic Design

From your first day learning the basic terms of design, through to bringing together your final portfolio, Introduction to Graphic Design 2nd edition is the perfect companion for your learning journey. Written by experienced educator and designer Aaris Sherin, this popular textbook is designed for visual learners and explains all the key topics introductory graphic design classes will contain. Concepts covered include layout, narrative, semiotics, colour, typography, production and context, and examples range from packaging design and advertising, through to apps and motion graphics.


  • Boxes of "Do's and Don'ts", tips and discussion points
  • Practical exercises throughout the book
  • Design In Action case studies
  • Broad variety of inspirational work from international designers
  • Includes advice on design development, research, presenting and critiquing work


This new edition brings together an even more diverse range of featured designers, more coverage of cultural differences and sensitivity considerations, more digital-first design and more critical analysis of trends in graphic design.

Introduction to Graphic Design

  • Aaris Sherin

    Covering the full range of graphic design - from color and fonts, to information design and packaging - this introduction is just what the new design student needs to find their feet
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  • Book Details

    Imprint: Bloomsbury Visual Arts
    Publication Date: 23-02-2023
    Format: Paperback | 270 x 210mm | 256 pages
  • About the Author

    Aaris Sherin is an educator, writer and designer. She is an Associate Professor of Graphic Design at St John's University, Queens, New York. Sherin is a frequent lecturer and speaker at both national and international design conferences. Her writing has been featured in publications such as PRINT Magazine, STEP Inside Design, Form, Leonardo, and Design and Culture.

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