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Writing the History of the Humanities

Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2023


What are the humanities? As the cluster of disciplines historically grouped together as 'humanities' has grown and diversified to include media studies and digital studies alongside philosophy, art history and musicology to name a few, the need to clearly define the field is pertinent.


Herman Paul leads a stellar line-up of esteemed and early-career scholars to provide an overview of the themes, questions and methods that are central to current research on the history of the nineteenth- and twentieth-century humanities. This exciting addition to the successful Writing History series will draw from a wide range of case-studies from diverse fields, as classical philology, art history, and Biblical studies, to provide a state-of-the-art overview of the field.


In doing so, this ground-breaking book challenges the rigid distinctions between disciplines and show the variety of prisms through which historians of the humanities study the past.

Writing the History of the Humanities

  • Herman Paul

    This volume provides an accessible introduction to the history of humanities by leading scholars in the field.
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    All rights available
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    Imprint: Bloomsbury Academic
    Publication Date: 17-11-2022
    Format: Hardback | 234 x 156mm | 392 pages
  • About the Editor

    Herman Paul is Professor of the History of the Humanities at Leiden University, The Netherlands.

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