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Life Unseen

Imagine a world without sight. Is it dark and gloomy? Is it terrifying and isolating? Or is it simply a state of not seeing, which we have demonised and sentimentalized over the centuries? And why is blindness so frightening?


In this fascinating historical adventure, Broadcaster and author Selina Mills takes us on a journey through the history of blindness in Western Culture to discover that blindness is not so dark after all. Inspired by her own experience of losing her sight as she forged a successful journalistic career, Life Unseen takes us through a personal and unsentimental historical quest through the lives, stories and achievements of blind people - as well as those sighted people who sought to patronize, demonize and fix them. From the blind poet Homer, through the myths and moralising of early medieval culture to the scientific and medical discoveries of the Enlightenment and modern times, the story of blindness turns out to be a story of our whole culture.

Life Unseen

  • Selina Mills

    A vividly personal journey through the history and experience of blindness from ancient times to contemporary day-to-day experience
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    Chinese Complex and Simplified rights represented by Big Apple Agency

  • Book Details

    Imprint: Bloomsbury Academic
    Publication Date: 13-07-2023
    Format: Hardback | 234 x 156mm | 288 pages
  • About the author

    Selina Mills is an award-winning writer and broadcaster who is legally blind. Educated in the USA and the UK, Selina has worked as a senior reporter and broadcaster for Reuters, The Daily Telegraph, and the BBC.

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